Monday, 27 June 2011

Geordie Shore vs Made in Chelsea

So, the LAST episode of Geordie Shore is on tomorrow night (Tuesday)….
And, as much as I Love it, I struggle to understand how a whole show can revolve around a group of womanizers, and bimbo girls who’s Moto in life is:
“oh i wana go get laid, like, you kno’, like, lets go bag’a like. Yaa norrr’”

BUT. On the other hand. I am totally obsessed with MADE in Chelsea and have nothing bad to say...purely because CJ has tweeted me twice now (the one Hugo set Caggie up with) I know he isn’t a main character in the show, but none the less he seems amazing.

My all time fave of all the cast has got to be OLLIE LOCKE. What a hilarious odd character, climbing a tree with carrots stuck to his boxer strange. Best News is that they've  been cast for Series 2. I cannot wait!!!
Do you watch either of these shows? Which one is your favourite? xoxo

My Favourites.

If I could only put 5 makeup products on my face, it would be these 5 items:
1.    Estee Lauder Double Wear Light: My newest foundation; and I cannot stop raving about it. It has an SPF 10 which is perfect for this coming heat wave we’re experience right now. Unlike the Estee Lauder Double Wear, this foundation gives you a subtle glow and doesn’t feel too cakey, it stays on all day and gives you a flawless glow!
2.    BAD gal benefit Mascara: I have heard so many people rave about this mascara; I just had to go out and purchase it myself. Not only does it give you long lushes lashes, but it is not as clumpy as the mascaras you find in your typical drugstore, I would 100% recommend spending a few extra £’s to experience the effects of this BAD boy.  
3.    MAC ‘She Who Dares’ eye shadow: My cousin actually bought me this for Christmas after I would not stop talking about the Villain collection from last year’s Winter collection. The colours inside are perfect for me, with a dark shimmer navy blue/crossed over with a deep pigmented green. I LOVE it. And I’m more then certain it’ll last forever!  
4.    Wonder Woman Mac “Golden Lariat: To begin, I was ‘Umming and Arhh-ing’ about whether I wanted to spend £25 on a Mac Bronzer, but seeing as I had previously lost my all time favourite one I just went for the plunge! I cannot get enough; it has a highlight at the top, followed by a matte and a shimmer bronzer, perfect for an eye shadow duo too!
5.    Urban Decay eye shadow palette: Apparently this palette contains ten bestselling Urban Decay shadows, and although i probably wouldn’t use the ‘Kiddie Pool’ shadow, the remaining 9 I wear constantly! They can range from subtle day time looks, or smoky evening wear. And its small enough to place in your handbag for whenever you need a touch up!! LOVE IT.

If you could only pick FIVE items, what would they be? xoxo

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tutorial - Hitting the Town

Hey Girls,
 So today i decided to do a tutorial which i feel would be perfect for this coming Winter when your out and about greeting friends and family, or prehaps you could tone it down and wear it to work too!

To begin we're going to Prime our eyes in order to, not only make sure the makeup stays on all day but also the Primer brings out the pigmentations in the eyeshadows used.

Urban Decay has the best Primer so make sure you pick one up!

Next, take a white based eyeshadow, this will guarentee the bold colours put on afterwards 
stand out a lot more - to do this I used Urban Decay "Sellout" which I used all over the base and underneath the bottom waterline

Next you take the darkest shade, which here is "Mushroom" by Urban Decay and "AC/DC" again by Urban Decay, in order to blend you began outwards placing the darkest colour and building it along the lash line, then you take the second darkest shade and use this in your crease and  blend the two colours together.

Make sure you dont go all the way to the edge as we still want "Sellout" to be visible to give the fade out effect on the eye lash.

Following on, take a dark black pencil and draw along the lash line ending in a winged effect, this will extend your eye and give the illusion that they are bigger!!

Apply a generous amount of your favourite mascara and use any remaining eyeshadow on your  rush to sweep under the bottom water line to continue the glitter/shimmery Winter effect.

Hope you guys like it!! xoxo

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mineralize Mac SkinFinish - 'Sunny By Nature'

Hey girls,

As you may have just read i visited an Outlet Mall whilst on my Holidays this year, and whilst there i found a bargain Cosmetics store which have reduced prices for a number of Branded cosmetics.

Next on my list to try was a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish which i was intending to use to keep my summer glow! I would 100% reccommend this product! It contains little pieces of glitter inside and instead of having one complete matte colouring it contains a number of different bronzing shades and golden shades to make it look natural when putting it on your skin.

There were a number of different colours to choose from, whether you wanted to use it as a blusher, bronzer or prehaps just a finishing powder. I believe the pricing for this item was around $20 opposed to around £25 in the UK.

Hope you've all had an amazing summer!! xoxo

Clinque Superbalance Foundation

Hey girls,

Sorry its been a while! I've just recently got back from my holidays, i visited the US of A and i must admit it is defoo somewhere i would recommend!! It's gorgeous and lovely and HOT :)

So, whlst there i saw a Cosmetic Store which is situated in Outlet stores across America who take the products which have not been sold in regular branded shops, for example Boots, and they take the spare stock and sell it at cheaper rates.

This is when i decided to spend a bit of my holiday money! For starters i needed a new foundation, i had been using Estee Lauder Double wear but felt it was a bit too 'Cakey' for the summer and decided to get a ligther foundation - my friend had suggested 'Clinque Superbalance' so i decided to try it for the small price of only $14.60 which came out to about £10 opposed to £20 if bought over here!!! REAL BARGAIN

I've worn this product once or twice and although it definetly is a lighter cover, i cant help but feel that it does not always give you the complete FULL coverage and concealer is needed to hide any deep red pigmentation on the skin.

If you dont tend to break out and want a lighter covering though i would DEFO recommend this product for those who are looking for a new foundation!!

What kind of foundation would you guys reccommend for a MIDDLE grounded coverage for Autumn?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Hey girls,
So tomorrow is the day that quite a few 17-18 year olds are getting their Alevel results! I just want to say a Great Big GOOD LUCK to everyone, i'll be joining you and hopefully celebrating too! xoxo

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Urban Decay Vol II...Tutorial?

Hey girls,

I was just wondering if you would like me to take pictures of some of the eye makeup you could do by using the Urban Decay boxset? Here is a teaser...let me know if you would want anymore and i'll ask my model to assist (my little sister lol) xoxo