Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mineralize Mac SkinFinish - 'Sunny By Nature'

Hey girls,

As you may have just read i visited an Outlet Mall whilst on my Holidays this year, and whilst there i found a bargain Cosmetics store which have reduced prices for a number of Branded cosmetics.

Next on my list to try was a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish which i was intending to use to keep my summer glow! I would 100% reccommend this product! It contains little pieces of glitter inside and instead of having one complete matte colouring it contains a number of different bronzing shades and golden shades to make it look natural when putting it on your skin.

There were a number of different colours to choose from, whether you wanted to use it as a blusher, bronzer or prehaps just a finishing powder. I believe the pricing for this item was around $20 opposed to around £25 in the UK.

Hope you've all had an amazing summer!! xoxo


  1. Hiya thanks for the follow :)
    This looks lovely, I am yet to try a Skinfinish yet!
    Sher x :)

  2. wow what an enlightening post! I wanted to buy something like that but I didnt know what exactly :P this is EXACTLY what i wanted :D

    wonderful blog-following :D

  3. thanks for following, i've followed back :)
    lovely blog! want my mitts on this stuff x