Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tutorial - Hitting the Town

Hey Girls,
 So today i decided to do a tutorial which i feel would be perfect for this coming Winter when your out and about greeting friends and family, or prehaps you could tone it down and wear it to work too!

To begin we're going to Prime our eyes in order to, not only make sure the makeup stays on all day but also the Primer brings out the pigmentations in the eyeshadows used.

Urban Decay has the best Primer so make sure you pick one up!

Next, take a white based eyeshadow, this will guarentee the bold colours put on afterwards 
stand out a lot more - to do this I used Urban Decay "Sellout" which I used all over the base and underneath the bottom waterline

Next you take the darkest shade, which here is "Mushroom" by Urban Decay and "AC/DC" again by Urban Decay, in order to blend you began outwards placing the darkest colour and building it along the lash line, then you take the second darkest shade and use this in your crease and  blend the two colours together.

Make sure you dont go all the way to the edge as we still want "Sellout" to be visible to give the fade out effect on the eye lash.

Following on, take a dark black pencil and draw along the lash line ending in a winged effect, this will extend your eye and give the illusion that they are bigger!!

Apply a generous amount of your favourite mascara and use any remaining eyeshadow on your  rush to sweep under the bottom water line to continue the glitter/shimmery Winter effect.

Hope you guys like it!! xoxo