Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Hey girls,
So tomorrow is the day that quite a few 17-18 year olds are getting their Alevel results! I just want to say a Great Big GOOD LUCK to everyone, i'll be joining you and hopefully celebrating too! xoxo

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Urban Decay Vol II...Tutorial?

Hey girls,

I was just wondering if you would like me to take pictures of some of the eye makeup you could do by using the Urban Decay boxset? Here is a teaser...let me know if you would want anymore and i'll ask my model to assist (my little sister lol) xoxo


Hey girls,

I was lucky enough to get the chance to see the Lovely boys - The Wanted!! They sang 4 songs including there NUMBER 1 'All Time Low'

It is an experience i will never forget...the crowd were so lively and the boys are just sooo GORGEOUS! Afterwards my friends and I had the opportunity to head over to HMV and even get our CDs signed!! Upclose and personal style.. ;-) I just Love each and everyone of them and was crazily excited when i found out they had Hit the No.1 Spot...

I'm getting to the stage where im beginning to feel like a stalker lol:
  • Twitter follower
  • Joining there Facebook
  • Watching there Youtube (WantedWednesday woo!)...and not forgetting
  • Playing there songs Over and Over and Over...

I Really hope they make a name for themselves...if not in Music Maybe as an Abercrombie Boy ;-)

What do you guys think to there music? Keepers...Tom is for Defo!! hehehe xoxo

Destroyed Shorts...

Hiya girls,


I know I know, Summer is nearly ending and with this English weather who needs a pair of shorts...Right? Wrong!! I have been searching endlessly for a "Destroyed" pair of shorts and Finally!! I went into my local Vera Moda and found this Gorgeous pair! They are Super comfortable and Exactly what i have been after...

The only fault is id have liked them a bit more Damaged ;-)
Do you still think this style of shorts are 'In' if not, what style have YOU purchased? xoxo

Urban Decay Vol II

Hiya girls

I recieved this item during Christmas '09, but unfortunetly have not had the time to experiment with it as much as i wanted to...until this Summer.

I am absolutly in LOVE with this item, the colours are the perfect combination for your typical smoky eye and comes with:
  1. Mini Eye Primer
  2. Black Eyeliner
  3. Brown Eyeliner
  4. 16 Pigmented Eyeshadows

Which again, i am in love with, the only problem i find is that once a tiny bit has broken off they do start to become very delicate (as you can see) but no biggy as the colours are gorgeous and VERY well pigmented.
I would DEFO recommend this for a stocking filler this Christmas or prehaps a Cheeky Treat for yourself!

Who else has purchased this item? I LOVE it xoxo
Oops you can see the smashed Blue, "Jinx"

Collection 2000

Hey girls,

I recently went into my nearest Drugstore in hope to pick up a new, fast drying nail varnish! Seeing as summer is coming to a close i wanted to get something a bit different to your typical pastel colours as Autumn is fast approaching.

Whilst browsing the lot to try and see the most affordable, yet at the same time had the fastest drying rate... as im quite impatient. I came across "Collection 2000" which i know my older sister raves about!

Thats when i saw it...this beautiful deep sky blue, which i can only describe as a couple of shades darker then a pastel colour which was PERFECT for what i was after! It not only looks nice for the upcoming months.. but it drys in a Flash! The colour is in BMX Rebellious!

I will DEFO be purchasing more "Collection 2000" in the near future...
What do you guys think? xoxo

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Black XS Paco Rabanne

Hi girls

This is my first post and thought that I would start with a review of my new perfume.

I purchased this last week and loved it as soon as I got it! It has a sweet smell but still quite strong and would suit those who dont think they are girly enough enough for Britney Spears! i

It lasts all day and therefore can be worn as either as a day time perfume or on a night on the town...
The bottle is quite rock chick with a feminine tone with the embossed flower on the front of the bottle; complimenting this is the font 'Black XS' which is in the style of rose thorns. Gorgeous!

Like it? I know i do.. xoxo