Monday, 27 June 2011

Geordie Shore vs Made in Chelsea

So, the LAST episode of Geordie Shore is on tomorrow night (Tuesday)….
And, as much as I Love it, I struggle to understand how a whole show can revolve around a group of womanizers, and bimbo girls who’s Moto in life is:
“oh i wana go get laid, like, you kno’, like, lets go bag’a like. Yaa norrr’”

BUT. On the other hand. I am totally obsessed with MADE in Chelsea and have nothing bad to say...purely because CJ has tweeted me twice now (the one Hugo set Caggie up with) I know he isn’t a main character in the show, but none the less he seems amazing.

My all time fave of all the cast has got to be OLLIE LOCKE. What a hilarious odd character, climbing a tree with carrots stuck to his boxer strange. Best News is that they've  been cast for Series 2. I cannot wait!!!
Do you watch either of these shows? Which one is your favourite? xoxo

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