Sunday, 15 August 2010

Collection 2000

Hey girls,

I recently went into my nearest Drugstore in hope to pick up a new, fast drying nail varnish! Seeing as summer is coming to a close i wanted to get something a bit different to your typical pastel colours as Autumn is fast approaching.

Whilst browsing the lot to try and see the most affordable, yet at the same time had the fastest drying rate... as im quite impatient. I came across "Collection 2000" which i know my older sister raves about!

Thats when i saw it...this beautiful deep sky blue, which i can only describe as a couple of shades darker then a pastel colour which was PERFECT for what i was after! It not only looks nice for the upcoming months.. but it drys in a Flash! The colour is in BMX Rebellious!

I will DEFO be purchasing more "Collection 2000" in the near future...
What do you guys think? xoxo

1 comment:

  1. I'll check this out it looks fab and great to wear with jeans ;)