Sunday, 15 August 2010

Urban Decay Vol II

Hiya girls

I recieved this item during Christmas '09, but unfortunetly have not had the time to experiment with it as much as i wanted to...until this Summer.

I am absolutly in LOVE with this item, the colours are the perfect combination for your typical smoky eye and comes with:
  1. Mini Eye Primer
  2. Black Eyeliner
  3. Brown Eyeliner
  4. 16 Pigmented Eyeshadows

Which again, i am in love with, the only problem i find is that once a tiny bit has broken off they do start to become very delicate (as you can see) but no biggy as the colours are gorgeous and VERY well pigmented.
I would DEFO recommend this for a stocking filler this Christmas or prehaps a Cheeky Treat for yourself!

Who else has purchased this item? I LOVE it xoxo
Oops you can see the smashed Blue, "Jinx"

1 comment:

  1. Cute palette. I love my alice in Wonderland one from UD, the colours are gorgeous and you're right about the texture, so silky smooth. I wish that there wasn't as much glitter in some of them though- not work friendly! xx