Sunday, 15 August 2010


Hey girls,

I was lucky enough to get the chance to see the Lovely boys - The Wanted!! They sang 4 songs including there NUMBER 1 'All Time Low'

It is an experience i will never forget...the crowd were so lively and the boys are just sooo GORGEOUS! Afterwards my friends and I had the opportunity to head over to HMV and even get our CDs signed!! Upclose and personal style.. ;-) I just Love each and everyone of them and was crazily excited when i found out they had Hit the No.1 Spot...

I'm getting to the stage where im beginning to feel like a stalker lol:
  • Twitter follower
  • Joining there Facebook
  • Watching there Youtube (WantedWednesday woo!)...and not forgetting
  • Playing there songs Over and Over and Over...

I Really hope they make a name for themselves...if not in Music Maybe as an Abercrombie Boy ;-)

What do you guys think to there music? Keepers...Tom is for Defo!! hehehe xoxo

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